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Our Service

Staff Medics will provide highly skilled Paramedics, EMT’s, along with Athletic Trainers specializing in Sports Medicine in an extreme sporting environment.

We also provide standby medics for any events that may require a medical standby team for the safety of your participants.

Staff Medics provides you with only the most qualified and highly educated medics for your events. Minimum requirement for employment with staff medics is that you have your AA\AS in an advanced medical field but most of our medical teams have completed the bachelor’s degree in a health field of study. All Staff Medics participate in extreme sports giving them a clear understanding of your athletes.

Our Medical Direction is some of the best in the country. Our team of Emergency physicians review and conduct training with our personnel using only the highest standards in the world keeping up with the needs of world sporting events.

Our teams are passport and immunized ready to travel anywhere in the world to provide medical standby or support in a natural disaster or to work to provide your sports team with a qualified medical person to support your operations.

Our teams come to you and works for you. We don’t bill your participants and we don’t run your show. We support you and your staff with providing and arranging all medical standby if ALS (Advanced Life Support) is requested or if you’re just going to remain BLS (Basic Life Support). We will provide you a review of what’s needed to cover your event along with documentation. At the end of your event we provide your organization a statistical break down of injures and trends to better serve you for future events.

Staff Medics works with national ambulance providers such as AMR to provide the lowest cost to the promoter. If you are required to have either an ALS, or BLS, unit standby at the event, we will work their crews into our system to provide the highest care available to the event.