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Extreme Sporting Events

Staff Medics is leading the nation in innovative care of the extreme sporting events.

Our commitment to your organization is unmatched by our competitors. We at Staff Medics provide your event with a team of medical personnel that match your needs. In an ever changing world of laws and new regulations it’s better to have a company comprised of public safety officials then to pretend you’re protected by a company that claims to be the biggest or the number one in the world. Our staff supports your event. We do everything in our power to protect your reputation and business at the same time proving your participants the best medical coverage your money can buy. Our staff has a wide background in emergency medicine such as paramedics, critical care nurses, physical trainers, athletic trainers, sports medicine specialist, and physician assistants. If requested, we can put an emergency room physician onsite that has more than 20 years in emergency medicine or an orthopedic surgeon if it’s one of your requirements. We will even handle all the arrangements to hire and pay a local ALS provider to standby at your event and work them into our staff for a very smooth operation.

Staff Medics understand the importance of local resources and we will work closely with the local authorities that have jurisdiction at your events to minimize staff or even prevent the use of the units left to protect the citizens of that community.  

We also understand that with your growing event whether it’s your first event or your first year or fifth year, Staff Medics will help you grow your event. We are among the highest energy medical servicing company in the world. Our medical staff competes in the events that they are covering and all have extreme sports background. When your participants talk with our medical staff they will receive the highest level of encouragement and also be evaluated as on their medical conditions without ever having a poor attitude.  Unlike the competition, Staff Medics personnel don’t smoke, talk on their phones, or just hide in the shade. Instead your medical staff will be very involved in the event.

At the end of every event you’re provided with a detail report of injures and trends. The information is confidential and will never leave the organization because we understand our client’s request for protection from the dissemination of information.  Staff Medics works for you and will work hard to prove that at every event.

Staff Medics will provide coverage for a onetime event, local events, or traveling events that move from city to city across the county or around the globe. We have been covering events like this for the last 8 years and we will provide your event with a crew you will get to know and one that will always be looking for ways to save you on cost. We understand traveling events by maximize our efficiency by team continuity thus making your core staff more efficient. We don’t need 10 medical staff for a 5,000 participant event but instead we can cover that event with complete satisfaction using 3-4 Staff Medics members, thus saving you money and making your event seem more professionally covered.