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Movie & TV Production Medics

At Staff Medics we don’t make claims of having thousands of medics across the country.  We have access to the same members as our competition does, but we choose to staff your sets with a team that has worked with each other on many productions sets. When you call on Staff Medics you’re going to get the very best most highly educated group of medical providers that are trained to handle every emergency that could happen on your set from the very minor injury to the life threatening event that needs the best that a medic can offer.  We offer your staff the best possible solution to staffing your set whether it’s for one day or 6 months, local or around the globe. Your medic or medics are going to fit into your time frame and be where he or she is asked to be before your crew would ever need them.  So we don’t make clams of being the biggest or the best, we let our clients speak for our services. If you feel in any way that we could do better, then we will. Our commitment is to the health and safety of your personnel not a reputation.  Your team from Staff Medics comes with real life 911 response background. Most of our senior members are Fire Rescue Officers with 20 years plus experience leading your team and many of those members have real life urban search and rescue. They are men and women that have traveled the world in some of the most devastation rejoins of the planet so each of them have a very real understanding of caring for your team.

What we can provide

Medics that are trained in specialties such as high angle, rigging, Hazmat, confined spaces, explosives, fire prevention and fire pyrotechnics.

We also can provide the medical staff for your concert or extreme competition shows.  Our medical standby members are among the most fit and active in the business. We can provide you with the onsite care you need from an Athletic Trainer, Paramedic, PA or Doctor.

If you’re just looking for a medical standby team to man a first aid station on a local event, we have what you need. Our cost is competitive and we will always be up front with everything no hidden add-ons for cost of supplies, or fees for local staff.  You will never have to worry about one of Staff Medics members contacting you for someone not getting payment for working your event like our competition.  We will never bill your participants! We work for you and as such understand your wish to protect your good name.

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